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Advice Guidance and Careers Education Policy.pdf90 kb20 Dec 201709:14
Assessment, Misconduct, Appeals Policy 2016.pdf216 kb20 Dec 201709:14
Attendance Punctuality Policy.pdf118 kb20 Dec 201709:14
College Policy Review and Approval Procedure.pdf66 kb20 Dec 201709:14
Comments Compliments and Complaints Policy.pdf483 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Data Protection Policy.pdf90 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Equality Scheme.pdf510 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Ethical Approval Guidance and Process Policy.pdf229 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Freedom of Expression Policy.pdf244 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Freedom of Information Policy.pdf407 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Health and Safety Policy.pdf40 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Initial Assessment Policy.pdf87 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Learning Support Policy.pdf108 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.pdf202 kb20 Dec 201709:15
Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Procedures.pdf172 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy 2017.pdf409 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Student Bullying and Harassment Policy 2017.pdf401 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Student Bursary and Discretionary and 24+ Advanced Loans Bursary Policy.pdf111 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.pdf134 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Student Involvement Policy 2017.pdf181 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Student Union Consitution.pdf142 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Sub-Contracting Fees and Charges Policy.pdf202 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Subcontractor Supply Chain and Fees Charges 16_17.pdf355 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Sustainability Policy.pdf190 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Transgender Policy 2017.pdf287 kb20 Dec 201709:16
Tuition Price Policy.pdf134 kb20 Dec 201709:17
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