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Sport Courses

The course you selected is no longer available. Please find below the Sport courses currently available.

CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
S0175Level 3 in Sport & Exercise Sciences10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0009Level 3 in Sport10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0422ADV 462 - 1 - Exercise & Fitness - Personal Training10/09/201828/06/2019Industry Based
S5063BTEC HND Diploma in Sport Year 1 - UCAS Code: 006C23/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S0331HND in Sport (Coaching & Sport Development ) Course - UCAS Code: 006C23/09/201831/07/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0333Level 2 in Sport10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0245Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science Course - Year 2 10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0014BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport Course10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0332HNC Diploma in Sport 23/09/201831/07/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0343INT 460 - 3 - Activity Leadership - Coaching10/09/201828/06/2019Industry Based
S0342INT 462 - 1 - Exercise and Fitness10/09/201828/06/2019Industry Based
S0305Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Course (Day)10/09/201825/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0310Level 3 - Certificate in Personal Training Course (Day)28/01/201914/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0010Level 3 Diploma in Sport Course - Year 2 10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0235Level 1 in Sport 10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0301Level 3 Personal Training10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0325Level 2 in Sport Coaching10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0345Level 2 in Instructing Fitness10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S5066STUDY PROGRAMME BTEC 180 Credit Extended Diploma in Sport (Year 2)10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5017STUDY PROGRAMME BTEC Level 3 120 Credit Diploma in Sport Yr210/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5004Level 3 in Sport10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5012Level 3 Sport10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5000Level 2 in Sport10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5058Level 1 in Uniformed Services and Sport10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
S5052Level 2 in Sport Coaching10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
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