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The following courses are currently scheduled. If you do not see the course you require then please contact us.

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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
Z5001Brockington College Programmes yr1of2 (P)20/09/201704/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5015Brockington College Programmes yr2/2 (P)25/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z0010Careerstep YEAR 1 (P)Enrolments throughout the yearNuneaton Campus
Z0015Careerstep YEAR 2 (P)20/09/201718/07/2018Nuneaton Campus
Z0015Careerstep YEAR 2 (P)Enrolments throughout the yearNuneaton Campus
Z5003Gartree High School Programmes15/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z0202Inspire - PRU Programme Schools (P)04/09/201720/07/2018Nuneaton Campus
Z0202Inspire - PRU Programme Schools (P)Enrolments throughout the yearNuneaton Campus
ZH514Lancaster Boys Programmes Year 1 of 2 (P)29/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
ZH531Lancaster Boys Programmes Yr2 of 2 (P)29/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5002Samworth Academy Programmes Yr 1 of 226/09/201716/06/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5018Samworth Academy Programmes Yr 2 of 225/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5000Schools Office Infill Codes (P)10/09/201729/06/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5016South Wigston High School Yr1 of 226/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z5019South Wigston High School Yr2 of 226/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus
Z0127Study Programme - Arc School (P)25/09/201720/07/2018Hinckley Campus
Z0127Study Programme - Arc School (P)10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
ZV505VESA Schools Programme Year 2 of 226/09/201716/06/2018South Wigston Campus
ZV514VESA Schools Programme Year 329/09/201720/07/2018South Wigston Campus

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