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Travel & Tourism/Languages

The following courses are currently scheduled. If you do not see the course you require then please contact us.

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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
S0003Level 3 in Travel & Tourism10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0103HNC/D in Travel & Tourism Management23/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0220Level 2 in Aviation Environment Course10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0170Extended Diploma in Travel & Tourism Course - Year 2 10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0359French Beginners 1 (Nun) Tuesdays "CANCELLED"25/09/201822/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0038French Beginners 1 (Nuneaton) Thursdays 18.30-20.30 £9027/09/201824/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0100French Beginners 2 (Nuneaton) Thursdays 18.30-20.30 £9031/01/201906/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0323French Beginners 2 (Nun) Tuesdays 18.30-20.30 £9029/01/201904/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0320French intermediate 1 (Hinckley ) Mondays 18.30-20.30 £9024/09/201828/01/2019Hinckley Campus
R0321French Intermediate 2 Nuneaton Mondays (Hinckley) 18.30-20.30 £9004/02/201917/06/2019Hinckley Campus
R0085French Post Beginners 1 (Hinckley) Wednesdays 18.30-20.30 £9026/09/201823/01/2019Hinckley Campus
R0161French Post Beginners 2 (Hinckley) Wednesdays, 18.30-20.30 £9030/01/201905/06/2019Hinckley Campus
R0087Greek Beginners 1 (Nuneaton) Tuesdays, 25/09/18 to 22/01/19 , 18.30-20.30 £9025/09/201822/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0289Greek Beginners 2 (Nuneaton) Tuesdays 18.30-20.30 £9029/01/201904/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
S0045Level 2 in Travel & Tourism Course10/09/201828/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0332Spanish Beginners 1 (Nuneaton) Thursdays 18.30-20.30 £9027/09/201824/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0080Spanish Beginners 1 (Hinckley) Mondays 18.30-20.30 £9024/09/201828/01/2019Hinckley Campus
R0322Spanish Beginners 2 (Nuneaton) Thursdays 18.30-20.30 £9031/01/201906/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0059Spanish Beginners 2 (Hinckley) Mondays 18.30-20.30 £9004/02/201917/06/2019Hinckley Campus
R0163Spanish Post Beginners 1 (Nuneaton) Tuesdays 18.30-20.30 £9025/09/201822/01/2019Nuneaton Campus
R0290Spanish Post-beginners 2 (Nuneaton) Tuesdays 18.30-20.30 £90. 29/01/201904/06/2019Nuneaton Campus
R5005STUDY PROGRAMME BTEC Extended Diploma in Travel & Tourism Year 210/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
R5013Level 3 in Travel & Tourism 10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus
R5000Level 2 in Travel & Tourism10/09/201828/06/2019South Wigston Campus

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