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Forklift Trucks

The following courses are currently scheduled. If you do not see the course you require then please contact us.

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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
V0054Fork Lift Truck - 1 Day Programme01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0098Fork Lift Truck - 2 Day Programme01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0099Fork Lift Truck - 3 Day Programme01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0220Advanced Apprenticeship in Fork Lift Truck Maintenance & Repair01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0495Auto Electrics - Maintenance & Repair 25/01/201821/06/2018Industry Based
V0498FLT - Customer Service for Engineers01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
V0499FLT - Familiarisation19/04/201820/04/2018Industry Based
V0496FLT - Health & Safety Awareness13/02/201818/04/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0497FLT - Hydraulics Maintenance & Repair14/02/201815/02/2018Industry Based
V0492FLT - Revalidation Update08/03/201812/07/2018Industry Based
V0491FLT - Thorough Examination Procedures06/03/201811/07/2018Industry Based
V0493FLT Charger / Battery Maintenance & Repair17/04/201818/04/2018Industry Based
V0494FLT- LPG Maintenance & Repair23/01/201820/05/2018Industry Based
V0033Fork Lift Truck - 3 Day Programme01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0210Intermediate Apprenticeship in Fork Lift Truck Maintenance & Repair01/08/201731/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0462L4 Cert in Advanced Automotive Studies for Master Technicians25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
V0489MHE Electronics for Advanced Engineers07/12/201710/05/2018Industry Based
V0487MHE Electronics for Beginners05/12/201708/05/2018Industry Based
V0490MHE Electronics for Expert Engineers01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
V0488MHE Intermediate Electronics for Engineers06/12/201709/05/2018Industry Based

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