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Business Partnership Courses

The course you selected is no longer available. Please find below the Business Partnership courses currently available.

CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
M1019Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
V0505Certificate in the Principles of Warehousing and Storage01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M1029Certificate in Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0866Certificate in Mental Health Awareness 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0897Certificate in Care and Management of Diabetes01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0938Certificate in Common Health Conditions01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0972Certificate in Customer Service for Health & Social Care SettIngs01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
D0200Certificate in Equality & Diversity 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0941Certificate in Information, Advice or Guidance 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0842Certificate in Introduction to Caring for Children and Young People01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0931Level 2 Certificate in Prevention and Control of Infection 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
D0427Certificate in Business Administration Knowledge01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0844Certificate in Care Planning 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
D0444Certificate in the Principles of Customer Service01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
D0445Certificate in Team Leading Knowledge01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0896Certificate in Understanding Autism 01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
D0501Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0898Certificate in Nutrition and Health01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0899Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0973Certificate in Understanding Behaviour That Challenges01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0621Certificate in Principles of Dementia Care01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0901Certficate in Understanding End of Life Care01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0932Certificate in Understanding Dignity & Safeguarding01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0219Certificate in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M0937Certificate in Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
M1002Certificate in Understanding Retail Operations01/08/201731/07/2018Industry Based
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