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Built Environment & Sustainability

The following courses are currently scheduled. If you do not see the course you require then please contact us.

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CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
H0160Advanced Apprenticeship in Wood Occupations01/08/201628/07/2017Industry Based
H0584CITB Wood Occupations Level 2 FULL COST (P)12/09/201630/06/2017Industry Based
H0384Brickwork Diploma Level 312/09/201630/06/2017Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0504Entry Level 3 in Maintenance Operations (Construction)25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0510Intermediate Apprenticeship in Fitted Furniture and Interiors01/08/201628/07/2017Industry Based
H0182Intermediate Apprenticeship in Maintenance Operations01/08/201628/07/2017Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0170Intermediate Apprenticeship in Trowel Occupations01/08/201628/07/2017Industry Based
H0150Intermediate Apprenticeship in Wood Occupations01/08/201628/07/2017Industry Based
H0520INT 522 - 4 - Construction Building - Wood Occupations (CITB)12/09/201630/06/2017Industry Based
H0014Level 2 Diploma in Brickwork (19+)12/09/201630/06/2017Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0138Site Carpentry Diploma Level 2 (19+)12/09/201630/06/2017Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0486Maintenance Operations Level 201/08/201628/07/2017Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0328Level 1 in Maintenance Operations (Construction)25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0006Level 1 in Brickwork25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0007Level 1 in Site Carpentry25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0518Level 1 in Painting & Decorating Course25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0492Level 2 in Brickwork25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0494Level 2 in Site Carpentry25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0496Level 2 in Maintenance Operations (Construction)25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0384Brickwork Diploma Level 325/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)
H0528Level 3 in Site Carpentry25/09/201706/07/2018Harrowbrook (CTC)

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