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Creative Design Courses

The course you selected is no longer available. Please find below the Creative Design courses currently available.

CodeCourse TitleStartEndLocation
B0535BA Honours in Visual Media (Level 6) - UCAS Code: P32026/09/201831/07/2019Hinckley Campus
B0406HND in Photography - UCAS Code: 046W23/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0573Level 1 Introductory in Art and Design10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0016Level 2 in Art & Design 10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0544Level 2 in Graphic Design and Visual Media10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0460Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Photography10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0017Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Graphic Design10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0003Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Art and Design 10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0004Extended Diploma in Art & Design Year 2 10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0480Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
U0008LEVEL 3 EXTENDED DIPLOMA IN FASHION & TEXTILES. YEAR 210/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0448Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing17/09/201822/10/2018Hinckley Campus
B0568Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing14/01/201925/02/2019Hinckley Campus
B0569Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing04/03/201908/04/2019Hinckley Campus
B0571Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing29/04/201917/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0566Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing01/08/201831/07/2019Hinckley Campus
B0584Digital Photo Albums For Beginners16/01/201913/02/2019Hinckley Campus
B0012Level 3/4 Foundation Studies in Art & Design10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0019Level 3 Extended Diploma in Graphic Design (Year 2)10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
X0205Extended Diploma in Interior Design Year 2 10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0581Film Editing & Showreels for Beginners14/01/201911/02/2019Hinckley Campus
U0046LEVEL 5 HND FASHION & TEXTILE DESIGN23/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
U0047HND in Fashion and Textiles Year 223/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0539BTEC HND Fine Art Practice - UCAS Code: 5W2823/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0144BTEC HND Graphic Design - UCAS Code: 312W23/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0145BTEC HND in Graphic Design Year 223/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
X0228BTEC HND in Interior Design - UCAS Code: 052W23/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
X0229BTEC HND in Interior Design23/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0577Intro to Desktop Publishing Design08/10/201803/12/2018Hinckley Campus
B0579Introduction to Desktop Publishing Design25/02/201920/05/2019Hinckley Campus
B0585Introduction to Interior Design in the Home16/01/201927/03/2019Hinckley Campus
B0582Introduction to Creative Glass Work07/11/201812/12/2018Hinckley Campus
B0570Ceramics - Hand Building & Throwing01/08/201831/07/2019Industry Based
U0007LEVEL 3 NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN FASHION & TEXTILES. YEAR 110/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
X0012Level 3 in Interior Design10/09/201828/06/2019Hinckley Campus
B0583Life Drawing For Leisure28/01/201908/04/2019Hinckley Campus
B0575Upcycling Furniture14/01/201911/02/2019Hinckley Campus
B0576Upcycling Furniture25/02/201925/03/2019Hinckley Campus
B0580Upcycling Furniture05/11/201803/12/2018Hinckley Campus
B0567Upcycling Furniture30/10/201827/11/2018Hinckley Campus
B0558Upcycling Furniture17/09/201815/10/2018Hinckley Campus
B0578Website Design & Digital Photography for Beginners24/09/201817/12/2018Hinckley Campus
B0343Website Design & Digital Photography for Beginners25/02/201910/06/2019Hinckley Campus
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