Students support British Legion

Students Strictly Sparkle in Project to Support British Legion

Enterprising students at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College have raised funds for the British Legion by up-cycling  poppies to make them glitter.

Students on the Foundation Learning programme covered poppies with glitter and completed artwork at the College’s Nuneaton campus during the lead-up to the annual Remembrance Day services last month.

Their creative efforts paid off and the students were delighted to present a cheque for over £150 to local leader of the British Legion at their annual visit to the College on Tuesday, 18th December.

Three groups of students, working at a range of levels within the Foundation Learning team, used the project to test out their ability to plan and orchestrate the production and sale of the specially-decorated poppies. During the process, they learnt about the value of team-working, how to manage resources, logistics, and financial management.

They worked in teams producing the products, and sold their wares door-to-door around all five campuses.

As part of their visit, British Legion Chairman Archie Smith joined some students in a presentation of the cheque .

Archie Smith said: “We were very impressed with the creativity and resourcefulness of the students and are so grateful to them for contributing to our fund-raising target. The special poppies  they created were a fitting reminder of our cause and we are delighted that the central message of Remembrance Day continues to be kept alive by the enthusiastic involvement of young people.”

Ian Lee, lecturer in Foundation Learning at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College said: “The students have worked very hard and learned a lot about project management in the process. They had some very creative ideas and brought them together with positive team work.

“The skills that the students have gained during this project will help them to achieve some personal targets that have been set, as well as making a contribution to a worthy cause. It has been an honour to host the chairman of the local British Legion branch and we hope that he enjoyed his visit”

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