Foundation Learning students love studying with us!

Foundation Learning courses at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College and South Leicestershire College offer personalised study programmes and support plans for students aged 16-24 years, which help develop and encourage an individual’s academic, independent, vocational and employability skills.

We are committed to supporting our students to succeed in a friendly and safe environment. Our courses are taught in small group sizes to ensure individuals are fully supported and help our students to express their personalities and grow in confidence.


We spoke to some of our learners and found out why the reasons why they enjoy studying Foundation Learning with us. Take a read below:

“I meet new people and I enjoy coming to College” (Jack Jenkins, NWHC)

“I like being in College because you get to learn new stuff all the time” (Warren Evans, NWHC)

“I am really confident in myself and I have made a lot of friends on different courses. I am happy at South Leicestershire College” (Rayana Mazumder, SLC)

“It gives me confidence” (James Williamson, NWHC)

 “It gives me a better chance” (Lee Fisher, NWHC)

 “I like doing the lessons” (Charlotte Darby, NWHC)

Nathan Nealon, Learning and Skills Manager for Foundation Learning adds:

“In the changing world of work and education, transferable skills and qualities such as problem-solving, living and working independently and confidence building are as valuable as qualifications. Very often qualifications do not tell the full story. We equip our learners with a range of skills and develop abilities that make them valuable as employees “.


If you would like to find out more information about progression routes available or would like to come in and speak to a member of our friendly Foundation Learning team, contact us today!

For courses at North Warwickshire & Hinckley College call 024 7624 3000 or email
For courses at South Leicestershire College call 0116 264 3535 or email

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Find out more about Foundation Learning courses at South Leicestershire College here 

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