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Level 2 in Sport - Case Study

Megan Wild
Level 2 in Sport

What I enjoy most about coming to college is the after-school possibilities, especially the fact that I can use the gym anytime. I also enjoy the food and getting a haircut for cheap. People are also great here, from students to staff.

When it comes to my course, what I really like is the fact that I constantly learn new things about sport and nutrition, things that I didn’t know before. Even more, this course is not only about physical activity or sport, it also includes theory, which I find really interesting.

My dream job is to be a football player, but in case that doesn’t work out, I am also interested in football coaching, so this is what I want to do once I leave college.

I would definitely recommend this course to any student interested, but I would like them to know that this is not ‘the easy choice’, only involving playing sports. No. This course requires commitment and passion.

One of my favourite memories is last year’s football competition that took place in Bedworth. We came second, so I think we did pretty well. 

The best thing about this college is the fact that you get to meet a lot of people, from different backgrounds and get to learn from them. Staff and tutors are really kind and they treat us like adults.

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