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Do the job, earn the money and become a pro in your chosen field with an Apprenticeship.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship allows you to work as a paid employee within an organisation whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

The basics:

  • You will work for at least 30 hours per week with your employer
  • Training for your qualification will take place either at your work or in College, usually for one day per week
  • Apprenticeships take between 1-5 years depending on the level, framework, sector and your prior skills
  • Apprenticeships are available to start throughout the year

Who can do an Apprenticeship?

School Leavers

An Apprenticeship is the perfect way to kick start your dream career, whether you want to go on to further training, Higher Education or full-time employment.

In order to begin your Apprenticeship you will need to be employed in your chosen sector. We can help you to find a placement through our Apprenticeship Vacancies Service.

Those in Employment 

If you are 16 or over, already in employment and don’t currently hold a Level 2 or 3 qualification in your field, you could upskill via the Apprenticeship route.

The Unemployed

Apprenticeships could be the perfect way to get back into work and kick start your dream career. Contact us today to discover more about your options.

What Qualifications will I get?

Apprenticeships are available from GCSE equivalent, up to degree level. Where you start will depend on prior skills and qualifications: 

What are the Benefits?

Earn a wage: Apprentices will be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage, £3.40 per hour, (October 2016) with many employers paying more.

Get stuck in! Start working straight away and see how you can make a real impact in the workplace.

Combine your qualification with real work experience, meaning you are fully equipped for your dream career.

Your training will be tailored to meet the needs of the company you work for, which is great for your career prospects, whether you aim to climb the ranks or go on to further training.

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Did you know? 85% of Apprentices will stay in employment, with two-thirds staying with the same employer.
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