Governance and The Corporation

What are We?

We are a further education corporation which governs North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and also sponsors the Midlands Academy Trust, a group of academies in our local area.  

The corporation was established by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, and we are an exempt charity.  

The College is an independent legal entity, and our principal regulator is the Department for Education. 

A corporation is a legal term describing a number of people working together as if they were one person. A corporation carries on working as a succession of new people replace those who retire or resign. The people making up the corporation are not governors, (as in a school), but are properly referred to as ‘Members’.

Currently, we have set up an Audit Committee to support the work of the Corporation. The terms of reference for the Audit Committee are set out in the Standing Orders.


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What Do We Do?

As a further education corporation we are concerned with governing our College.

The documents which set out the membership of our Corporation and what we need to do to govern the College are the:

The Instrument and Articles of Government sets out our six main responsibilities. These are to:

We work in partnership with our Principal and her Executive Team to carry out these responsibilities.

Advice and Support

The Corporation is advised by a Clerk who is independent of the College’s Executive and Management Teams and who has access to independent, professional advice.