Ofsted Commends Progress of ‘Good’ College Since Merger

Ofsted has endorsed the progress made by North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College since its formation as part of a merger.

Following a two-day monitoring in October 2018, Ofsted judged that the College has made significant progress in meeting the needs of its students, the local community and employers, and has enhanced the rigour of its governing body while managing its finances well.

Ofsted recorded that the College has a well-informed understanding of the key economic and skills priorities in the communities it serves and has developed successful partnerships to deliver specific skills for growing and important sectors including automotive engineering, logistics and cybersecurity.

The report noted that college managers have high expectations of students and prioritise the development of maths and English skills, with achievements improving so that more students now achieve high grades in GCSE English. Ofsted reported that a significant proportion of students progress on to a range of positive destinations including employment, and further and higher education.

Ofsted commended the College for the development of its governance, noting that the board has increased its scrutiny of students’ progress through the implementation of an online data dashboard.  

Additional highlights from the report state that:


A full copy of the report is available on the Ofsted website.