Health and Wellbeing Courses - Distance Learning

Each of our Health and Wellbeing courses is designed to develop an understanding of:

Who are they aimed at?

Ideal for those working in the HealthCare and Education sectors.

These courses also provide a great learning opportunity for those from all sectors who feel that they would benefit from a deeper understanding of health and wellbeing subjects.

What’s available?

Awareness of Mental Health Problems
Understanding Behaviour That Challenges
Care & Management of Diabetes
Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People
Certificate in Common Health Conditions
Customer Service in a Health Care Setting
Dignity & Safeguarding in Adult Health & Social Care
Prevention & Control of Infection in Health Care Settings
Principles of Dementia Care
Principles of End of Life Care
Understanding Autism
Understanding Nutrition and Health
Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines
Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities
Working with People with Mental Health Needs
Principles of Care Planning
Understanding Specific Learning Disabilities 
Certificate in Falls Prevention Awareness
Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health
Certificate in Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent

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