Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Instrument and Articles of Government

1. About this Consultation

The Corporation is the North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College’s governing body. The Corporation ensures that the College performs well and is successful for the benefit of its students, staff and local communities.

The Corporation’s principal responsibilities are to:

These responsibilities can be found in the Instrument and Articles of Government, which sets out how a further education college is to be governed.  

The Corporation now wishes to amend its Instrument and Articles of Government. To do this, the Corporation must consult on the amendments it wishes to make. People it should consult with are “persons likely to be affected by the proposed changes” and could include College staff and students, relevant Trade Unions, local communities and the general public.

2. Overview of Proposed Amendments to the Instrument and Articles of Government

The Corporation wishes to amend its Instrument and Articles of Government for a number of reasons:

  1. To remove provisions which are no longer required because:
    • they were added before North Warwickshire & Hinckley College merged with South Leicestershire College when the two separate Colleges were working together in a federation and sharing a Principal.
    • legislation has changed.
  2. To move some provisions, which no longer have to be part of the Instrument and Articles of Government, into the Standing Orders. The Standing Orders set out how the Corporation organises its business, processes and procedures. They are reviewed annually to ensure that they work effectively and are fit for purpose.
  3. To enable the Corporation to have greater flexibility as to how it sets up its committee structure. For example allowing it to establish a smaller number of committee with broader terms of reference covering a number of different functions, instead of creating more committees with narrower terms of reference.
  4. To provide greater clarity in a number of the provisions, such as:
    • who the Corporation can delegate its power to;
    • the power to co-opt people who are not full members.
  5. To provide flexibility in how the Corporation recruits its most senior staff whilst ensuring it continues to apply best practice and comply with relevant legislation.
1  Educational character is the College’s broad purpose and strategic direction and how it delivers its mission. It includes; the type of College it is; the students it recruits; the learning environment it provides; the nature of its curriculum; its approach to teaching and learning; the quality of its partnerships; its overall ethos and values and its relationship to its students, stakeholders and communities.

3. How to Respond to the Consultation

The Corporation has a legal responsibility to consult any person likely to be affected by the proposed changes. It therefore welcomes your views on its proposals.  A copy of the Instrument and Articles of Government showing all the proposed changes can be viewed on the College website.

The most significant proposals are set out at the end of this document. You have space under each proposal to record your responses. If you have views about proposals which are not highlighted in this document, please feel free to express your response at the end of section 4.

The consultation will run for 4 weeks from Monday 11th June 2018 until Monday 9th July 2018.

You can respond to the consultation by either:

Please return your completed paper survey to Rachel Marshall, Clerk of the Corporation, NWHC, Hinckley Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 6BH.

4. Your Response

A copy of the Instrument and Articles of Government showing the proposed changes can be viewed by clicking here.

The Corporation wishes to draw your attention to the following key proposed amendments. If you wish to comment on any other amendments please use the box at the end of the consultation documents to record your comments.