#WorksForMe Robbie tells us about his Apprenticeship

#WorksForMe aims to show the nation how Apprenticeships are benefiting people and businesses all over the UK.

Here, we talk to Robbie Lenton aged 17. Robbie is completing his IT and Systems Apprenticeship with North Warwickshire & Hinckley College and UK Flooring Direct.

My story…

“My original plan after I left school was to go to college and study further. I tried it for a few weeks and I just didn’t enjoy it. I think I’d just had enough of full-time education.

“I took a bit of time out and then started looking into apprenticeships and I found this one at UK Flooring Direct, which includes study through North Warwickshire & Hinckley College.

“I live in Coventry and, at the time when I started, the company was in Bayton Road so I could get the bus in which was really convenient. I enjoy everything about the job so when they decided to move to Hinckley, I made sure I passed my driving test so I could commute to work.

“It is great. Quite a few of my friends are doing apprenticeships now too because it’s good to be earning and learning at the same time.

“Our college work is mostly done online, which makes life easier and I just enjoy being in a working environment.

“My day-to-day work involves helping the rest of the team if they have an IT issues. I try to solve them myself but if I can’t, I will refer it up to my supervisor.

“As well as learning about IT, I am just getting a great experience from working here. Everyone is so nice and friendly and, if I am honest, I was quite shy before I came to work here and it’s really helped with my confidence.

“There’s people of all ages and everyone gets on well and the managers are great at making it a pleasant place to work.

“I’ve spoken to them already about my future and there is an opportunity for me to stay after the apprenticeship to progress more and take further qualifications, which is great to know.

“Being an apprentice here is much more than I hoped it could be – it was definitely the right decision for me.”

To discover more about Apprenticeships, contact our Business Team: be@nwslc.ac.uk 0116 264 3545

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