A Warehousing & Logistics Apprenticeship covers the storage and movement of goods and can demonstrate the essential elements of logistics and operations.  Almost every organisation required some form of logistics from managing a supply chain to transporting goods and passengers to worldwide destinations.

The sector is huge in the UK and worth a staggering £55 billion to the economy.  With over 1.7 million people employed in the sector by over 63,000 companies, you can rest assured that there are tonnes of career prospects in this large and expanding sector.

We have a dedicated Construction and Logistics Campus, so your time in College will be spent gaining the hands-on experience you need to become a pro in your field.

Career options

  • Fork Lift Truck Engineer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistics Manager

This Apprenticeship is for anyone interested in driving a goods vehicle. Vehicles can range from a bicycle, to a motorcycle, to a van and ultimately to an LGV – a lorry weighing over 7.5 tonnes. Goods vehicle drivers transport and deliver goods between suppliers and customers.

Levels Available

This Apprenticeship is for those working in administrative roles and supervisory roles within the logistics industry. Apprentices will hold a team leader or supervisor role for a logistics company and could manage a supply chain or fleet of vehicles.

Levels Available

This Traffic Office Apprenticeship concerns planning, scheduling and routing goods that are transported overland. You will be working in an administrative role in a transport office of a logistics company.

Levels Available

This Warehousing & Storage Apprenticeship deals with the movement and storage of goods, and is an essential part of logistics operations. You will be working in a warehouse, often as part of a team, moving and storing different types of goods.

Levels Available