No age limit for Apprenticeship training

Brendan Coulson, Business Engagement Director at North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College talks about the lingering myth that only school leavers can study an Apprenticeship.

“As a training provider, we often talk to businesses and employees who don’t consider Apprenticeships as they believe this training option is designed for school leavers only. They are, however, a great training option for employees of all ages and have no upper age limit.

“With the new standards designed around specific job roles, they are the ideal way for businesses to develop talent they already have within their organisation, addressing skills gaps and encouraging employees to climb the career ladder.”

“As part of the new reforms that were launched a year ago, all non-levy paying businesses will pay 10% of the cost of training and assessment of Apprentices and the government will co-invest the remaining 90%, regardless of age.”

“Of course Apprenticeships are also a fantastic option for those leaving school. Additional government support is available for those businesses who recruit an Apprentice who is aged 16-18 or aged 19-24 and has an education, health and care plan.”

“We’d advise any business thinking about Apprenticeships to contact us today.”

To discover more, contact the College’s Apprenticeships Team: 0116 264 3545