Think an Engineering Apprenticeship is all boiler suits and oily hands? Think again.

It’s actually a really diverse sector with jobs available in aerospace and robotics to electronics, biotechnology, and civil engineering, to name a few!

Whether you want to be office-based, in the workshop or on-site, this is an exciting industry with impressive earning potential.

Career options

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Engineering Operative
  • Engineering Construction Craft-worker
  • Civil Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Computer Aided Design Technician

Predicted Salaries

  • Engineering Operative: £14,000 – £25,000
  • Aerospace Engineer: £20,000 – £60,000
  • Civil Engineer: £24,000 – £80,000

Did you know?

Engineering is big business – especially in the Midlands where an extra 130,000 people are expected to be working in the sector over the next five years (National Careers Service 2016).

This Apprenticeship is suitable for learners who want to work as electricians in the building services engineering sector.

Levels Available

The Fabrication and Welding Apprenticeship provides skills development in welding techniques, hand fitting and how to produce assemblies and components from sheet metal.

Levels Available

This course develops the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective employee within the Engineering sector.  All training on this course is delivered in the workplace or at college, on a day release basis.  You will gain a basic all-round grounding in engineering maintenance and techniques.

Levels Available

Improving Operations Performance Apprenticeships provide learners with the skills in specialist areas of expertise. Areas include engineering operations and manufacturing production and improvement of manufacturing processes.

Levels Available

As an Electronics Engineer, you will be involved in the design development and testing of electrical devices, systems and equipment.

Levels Available

The Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering qualification is offered at Level 3 and addresses a wide range of skills needed in a machine tool environment, including:

  • Manual machining
  • Machine tool setting
  • Fitting and assembly
  • Composite manufacture

Levels Available

Ideal for those who want to become a technical support technician, this Apprenticeship provides options in Machining, Electronics, Welding/Fabrication, Design, Maintenance and Technical Support.

Levels Available

Toolmakers are amongst the most highly skilled workers in manufacturing. This apprenticeship will provide the practical skills needed to help your business deliver projects with precision and accuracy.

Levels Available