As merged colleges, Apprenticeship training provider North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College offer a comprehensive Apprenticeship portfolio to a range of industries and business areas throughout North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire.

Apprenticeships allow you to bring new talent through the ranks and train your team with the skills they need to help your business succeed.

In response to the Government’s pledge to create 3 million Apprenticeship starts by 2020, a number of Apprenticeship reforms are taking place.

The new standards put employers in control of designing Apprenticeships, so people are equipped with the skills that meet the needs of their organisation. The standards will:

  • Replace the existing complex frameworks with short, simple, accessible Apprenticeship standards written by employers in a language they understand. The standards describe the skills and knowledge that an individual needs to be fully competent in an occupation
  • Improve the quality of Apprenticeships through higher expectations of English and maths, more rigorous testing to ensure the apprentice is fully competent and raising aspirations for apprentices by introducing grading at the end of the apprenticeship
  • Give employers control of the funding so that they become more demanding customers

From April 2017, the current Apprenticeship frameworks will be replaced with new standards. Frameworks will be switched off in phases between 2017 through to 2019/20. Some frameworks have already been removed.


  • We are graded Good by Ofsted
  • We have around 1,800 Apprentices across 7 main sector areas
  • Our success rate is 80.3% – this is above the national average
  • We have more than 600 employer partners
  • Extensive experience in working with small, medium and large employers across a range of industries
  • Ongoing support from assessors with in-depth knowledge of the industry
  • Central, easy to access locations across North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire

Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes that allow learners to gain a qualification whilst working as a paid employee.

They are available to current and new employees and start at GCSE or equivalent up to degree level

Apprentices work for at least 30 hours a week and training for their qualification will take place either at work or in College, usually for one day per week

They take between 1-5 years depending on the level, framework, sector, and the Apprentice’s prior skills

As part of their employment, Apprentices must:

  • Work with experienced staff
  • Learn job-specific skills
  • Complete 20% off-the-job training
  • Be paid at least the national minimum wage for Apprenticeships £3.50 (April 2017)

Apprenticeships offer businesses a cost-effective route to harness fresh new talent. Apprentices can help your business to increase productivity, improve competitiveness and ensure you have a committed and competent workforce to meet future challenges.

  • Fill your skills gaps – ‘grow your own’ staff
  • Flexible training to suit your business with minimal days in college
  • Reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and avoid skills shortages
  • Training is funded depending on circumstances, and wages are reduced for apprentices
  • Apprentices increase motivation. 92% of employers taking on apprentices noticed a more motivated work force
  • Apprentices boost productivity. 80% of employers saw an increase in productivity in the workplace. 81% of customers would rather use a company which hires apprentices

Existing employees
Apprenticeships are an ideal way to upskill your current workforce. If you have full-time staff over the age of 16 who do not yet have a relevant qualification in the area they are working, you can access training for them through the Apprenticeship route (subject to eligibility).

New recruits
Apprenticeships are also a cost-effective way to attract fresh talent. If you would like to employ a new member of staff as an Apprentice, we can help. We offer a free recruitment service to support you with the recruitment process, ensuring only the best candidates are selected for an interview.


From April 2017, there will be major changes to the way Apprenticeships are funded, visit our apprenticeship funding page to find out more.

If you would like to recruit a new employee, we provide a free recruitment service that will support you to advertise your vacancy, shortlist applicants as well as assessment and interview.

Once you have selected a candidate, we will arrange the Apprenticeship Training and provide you with ongoing support from an assessor who has knowledge of your industry.

We are always developing our offer to ensure we meet the needs of employers and the regional economy as a whole, get in touch today to find out how we can design a programme to meet your needs.






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