Ethan Harries Level 3 Business Administration

How did you discover your Business apprenticeship?

I approached the organisation and asked them if they were willing to take on an Apprentice and then went through the enrolment process with the college.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I feel that Apprenticeships give you a much wider skill base. They give you the knowledge and the skills and you get so much more responsibility and independence, working and earning a salary and having the freedom you get with full-time employment.

What type of roles do you undertake in the workplace/describe a typical day

I do everything from project management to administration for various projects. I’m involved in the running and organisation of lots of our community outreach projects as well as some of our in house events as well.

One of the key projects I’m working on at the minute is a mobile skate park project for young people. This consists of a trailer that folds out into a skate park and I help with the running and am the operational lead on that project.

What is the most enjoyable/fun part of your job?

The salary! I also do really like having the independence and the responsibility.

What do your friends think of apprenticeships? Are any of them apprentices themselves?

I’ve got lots of friends who went on to study A Levels, I’ve got lots of friends who went on to do Apprenticeships and everybody seems to be enjoying what they’re doing.

Is the apprenticeship different from what you thought it would be initially?

Yes and no. I originally thought I’d be making an awful lot of tea and doing a lot of photocopying but I do have a lot more responsibility than I thought I was going to which is really good.

I thought it would give me the independence and the responsibility and freedom which it really has done.

How has the College supported you?

I have an assessor who visits every three weeks, she spends about an hour with me and ticks off portfolio work and I’ve been into College for four days across the year to cover some of the theory behind the course.

The college have been really good, the assessor is always responding to the emails I send. The time we spend together is beneficial and makes sure we get through all of the work.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

When I finish my current Apprenticeship I’m looking at progressing through to a Level 4 Apprenticeship.

In five years’ time I’d like to be doing something along the lines of project management or office management hopefully within an organisation such as the civil service.

How has an Apprenticeship helped you to achieve your career goals?

It just gives you that much wider skill base so I’ve got the practical skills and the competency that comes with that as well as the knowledge of how an organisation actually operates so the business management aspect as well.

What do you feel are the main advantages of doing an Apprenticeship?

Definitely that you learn on the job. You’re not stuck in a stuffy classroom, you’re in the office working with experienced people so you’re always learning even when it doesn’t feel like learning. You get a salary and you get to taste real life as well, whilst still learning and whilst still getting a qualification out of that employment.

What would you say to anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

Definitely, go for it, it’s really, really good, you’ll definitely learn something, you’ll definitely be engaged and you’ll really enjoy it.