New for September 2017: Public Service Apprenticeship

We have a brand new Apprenticeship starting this September!

The new standard, titled: ‘Public Service Operational Delivery Officer,’ is ideal for those looking to become a professional within the public sector, specifically central and local government.

Katy Urwin, Director of Apprenticeships at the College takes us through the details:

“We will be offering the Apprenticeship at Advanced Level 3, which is the equivalent to two A Levels. It is a great training opportunity for those looking to begin their career in the public sector or current employees aiming to progress their career.”


Training will cover: working in operational delivery, providing customer service, managing team performance, operational delivery interviews and visits.

Roles and duties will depend on the organisation. Apprentices could specialise in

Services: managing cases and resolving customer enquiries · assessing and collecting various taxes across central and local government · giving people welfare or pensions advice, or supporting them to get back to work · issuing UK passports and making decisions about who has the right to visit or to stay in the country · processing driving licence applications · supporting citizens in court


Protection: validating people’s identities, and carrying out background checks or interviews · carrying out searches on people, vehicles, freight and baggage · collecting outstanding debts · stopping entitlements for people who should not be getting them · rehabilitating offenders and supporting victims and witnesses · responding to outbreaks and incidents, co-ordinating information and deploying resources

Apprenticeships are available to all age groups. To find out more, contact the College on:
024 7624 3000

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